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We’re the sales team you never had

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As a client, you can sign up, post a job, and receive applications all by yourself or you can book a call with us and let us walk you through the process and recommend suitable candidates. Once you have shortlisted candidates, we’ll help schedule interviews. And when you’re ready to hire, we’ll send contracts to all parties to sign and onboard. Your hired talents will remain on our payroll till you decide to make them full-time.

Zero. It’s free to post a job on Airwrk. You only pay whenever there is a successful placement of talent. As a client, you get 14 days of risk-free trial. Once the trial period is over, a processing fee of 10% is charged on top of the salary disbursed. If you avail value-added services like health benefits, co-working spaces, and equipment rentals then, depending on the services, an additional 10% may be added on top. Alternatively, you can pay 8.33% of the talent’s yearly salary and transfer the talent to your payroll. This is equivalent to a month’s worth of salary.

As a client, you get a risk-free, 14-day trial. During this period, you can request to change your hire at any time. After the period, the talent still works with an “at will” clause for 6 months. During the first six months, a hire may be fired within a day’s notice. After the 6 months have expired, your talent is eligible for a notice period of 1 month before any termination. Regardless, should any issue arise, you’ll always find your designated Account Manager available to resolve your issue.

You can find all sorts of technology talents on Airwrk. We have 12 different categories of talents: (i) Fullstack engineers; (ii) Backend engineers; (iii) Frontend engineers; (iv) DevOps engineers; (v) Mobile engineers; (vi) Engineering lead; (vii) UI/UX engineers; (viii) Product Managers; (ix) Data Analysts; (x) QA & Testing engineers; (xi) Desktop software engineers; (xii) AI & Machine Learning engineers. Our team is working hard to have an extensive pool of talent in each category.

Airwrk follows a strict 5-step process to ensure only the top talents are enlisted in its network. Because it’s an invite-only platform, only those with proper references get access to become an Airwrk Talent. Those who don’t have an invite, can request for an invite code and achieve it by passing a quick online test. This is the first step in the vetting process. The second step is to pass the online assessment round which tests a talent’s aptitude and basic technical skills. Our benchmark for the passing score for this round is 60%-70% scores. The third step is our Talent Acquisition (TA) Team’s screening and profiling of the talents. We check everything – from GitHub projects to social media. The fourth step is to appear for a live coding test or project test. This validates the earlier processes with quantifiable results. The fifth and final step is to appear for a live interview with our TA Team. If everything’s in order, then a talent becomes an Airwrk Talent. At this stage, only 10% of those who had initially applied made it. We also regularly groom our candidates on interviewing skills and cultural fit before they appear for a call with a client.

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