T&C of Introducer Model

Terms & Conditions for Introducer Model

  1. As the introducer, you will receive your reward only when the introduction is successful. A successful introduction means that the prospect you’ve introduced us to has hired one or more talents through Airwrk.
  2. For every 5 successful introductions, we will offer an additional $300 reward. So you will get a chance to receive a total of $1800 (5*300 + 300).
  3. Airwrk only makes 10% of the amount disbursed by our clients. In case your reward is more than what Airwrk has received, we will provide your reward in installments. For example, if Airwrk makes $200 monthly from the client you introduced us to, we will share $200 with you the first month and share the remaining $100 the following month.
  4. To keep the process transparent, we will include you in the correspondence we have with the prospective client