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"Airwrk provides extensive guidelines for every candidate based on their profile and performance throughout the interview process. This made the daunting job hunting easy for me. Its end-to-end interview process enables accurate evaluation of every candidate. Because of its excellent management and organization, I always felt motivated to pass each round. I got my job because of Airwrk. Really grateful to Airwrk."

Yeahia Sarkar

ML Researcher @ Anchorblock (NY)

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What it takes to be an Airwrker

Find out what we look for in an ideal Airwrk talent

Solid technical skills

Having top-tier engineering and other technical skills is a non-negotiable if you want to be an Airwrk talent.

Professional Communications

Strong command over communication skills is mandatory if a talent is going to be working with a multi-cultural, cross-border team.

Applies best practices

From project management tools to agile methodology, an Airwrker is well-versed in industry best practices.

The Airwrk Attitude

Airwrkers understand that flexibility comes with a tradeoff. They excel at their craft with a get-things-done attitude and a mindset to work in other time zones.

Skills that match your career trajectory

With over 250+ skills already listed, we’re a skill-agnostic platform. We’re here to help you take flight and prepare for the future.

Why Join Airwrk?

Apply to join an elite global talent network and take your career to the next level.

High-paying, full-time, flexible remote jobs

With today’s technology and the world going increasingly remote, living the life of your dreams is no longer a fantasy - it is real.

No Fees

As a talent, you don't pay anything. The employers bear all the costs. Your only cost is the time you'll spend to join the platform and apply to jobs.

Vetted once, global talent for life

Once you become an Airwrker, you're no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Employers from all over the world will be scrambling for a quality talent like you.


Don’t see your question listed here? Head over to the detailed FAQ section.

You can find all sorts of technology jobs on Airwrk. We have 12 different categories of talents and scout for jobs accordingly: (i) Fullstack engineers; (ii) Backend engineers; (iii) Frontend engineers; (iv) DevOps engineers; (v) Mobile engineers; (vi) Engineering lead; (vii) UI/UX engineers; (viii) Product Managers; (ix) Data Analysts; (x) QA & Testing engineers; (xi) Desktop software engineers; (xii) AI & Machine Learning engineers

Airwrk follows a strict 5-step process to ensure only the top talents are enlisted in its network. Because it’s an invite-only platform, only those with proper references get access to become an Airwrk Talent. Those who don’t have an invite, can request for an invite code and achieve it by passing a quick online test. This is the first step in the vetting process. The second step is to pass the online assessment round which tests a talent’s aptitude and basic technical skills. Our benchmark for the passing score for this round is 60%-70% scores. The third step is our Talent Acquisition (TA) Team’s screening and profiling of the talents. We check everything – from GitHub projects to social media. The fourth step is to appear for a live coding test or project test. This validates the earlier processes with quantifiable results. The fifth and final step is to appear for a live interview with our TA Team. If everything’s in order, then a talent becomes an Airwrk Talent. At this stage, only 10% of those who had initially applied made it. We also regularly groom our candidates on interviewing skills and cultural fit before they appear for a call with a client.

As an Airwrk talent, you can get lifetime access to high-paying, flexible, full-time remote jobs that are curated for technology talents. So passing our vetting process to become an Airwrk Talent is a worthwhile investment. You also get access to invite-only training and events that will help further your career. You’ll also be assigned a designated Talent Manager, who’ll help you navigate your career even after you secure a job. We’ll also try to persuade your employer to avail health insurance and other added perks for you. In short, think of Airwrk as your personal Talent Coach. We only succeed when you succeed.

You work directly for the client without any intervention from Airwrk. Legally, however, you’re working as a contractor for Airwrk who in turn is working as an employer of record for the client.

This is done because, legally, foreign employers can’t hire you without a branch office i.e. local presence. But for all intents and purposes, you can claim that you work for the client.

Zero. You pay nothing. All costs are borne by the client.

Ideally, we would want you to work on the areas where you fell short and reapply in a month. Keep an eye out on our social media pages. We regularly arrange events that focus on upskilling our talents. Links to our social media accounts can be found in the footer of the website.

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