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Earn 20% or more commission on the total project value by bringing foreign offshore projects to Bangladesh!

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Join the Airwrk Partner Program and become the peanut butter to our jelly! Just like how peanut butter and jelly make the perfect sandwich, you and Airwrk will make the perfect partnership. By introducing us to businesses seeking offshore projects, you’ll bring the bread to the table and we’ll provide the filling with our specialized tech teams. And the best part? You’ll earn a commission starting from 20% for every successful sandwich you make (aka project you bring to us). So, spread the word and start earning big!


To be eligible for the Airwrk Partner Program, you must meet the following criteria:


How it works

1. Sign up

Fill out the application form using the link below to become a partner.

2. Generate leads

Use your network and expertise to introduce companies from North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia that are looking to offshore projects.

3. Get quotes from pre-vetted dev shops

Work closely with Airwrk to find the best team that can execute the project successfully. Receive regular updates.

4. Receive regular updates

Get project updates and stay in the loop for all correspondence between the client and the selected dev shop, ensuring full transparency.

5. Earn commission monthly

Sit back and relax while you earn passive income as commissions on a monthly basis.

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