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Meet Ron

Ron has an up-and-coming tech startup that operates remotely. His startup recently raised funds and the first few hires are already in place. He’s now looking to reach the next funding milestone and expand his team (and runway) by hiring offshore tech talents.

Do you picture someone when you hear of Ron? 

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Who are we?

Airwrk is a full-stack, pre-vetted offshore talent marketplace that connects startups with undervalued tech talents – saving 80% in salary costs. Our model is unique since we don’t charge like an agency but rather a flat 10% on the amount disbursed. Ours is a sub-contracting model so there are no 401K, Roth IRA, or benefits involved. Clients pay nothing till after the risk-free, 2-week trial.

The introducer model

If you know a “Ron” who is looking to set up an in-house offshore team, consider introducing them to Airwrk. Our talents earn up to 5x their local market salaries so your referral could make a significant difference in someone’s career and have a lasting impact on their future. As a token of gratitude, we will offer a $300 introducer fee if your introduction results in a successful placement. For every 5 successful introductions, we will offer an additional $300!

emali us to introduce

How to introduce?

The best way to introduce Ron to Airwrk is via email. Simply send a message to introduce@airwrk.com introducing Ron and his company, and our team will take it from there.

In the event of a successful introduction, we will reach out to you regarding your reward. We will also include you in the email chain to keep the process transparent.

For further information check out the terms & conditions.

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