Artificial Intelligence

Will AI take away my job? Your questions on AI answered

We have all been hearing the alarm bells of machines taking over our jobs and...


Breaking The Glass Firewall: Why Women Are So Hard To Find In

The technology industry can be likened to a speeding train hurtling towards the future, with...


Bangladesh to Silicon Valley: What It Takes by Mizanur Rahman & Anam

Mizanur Rahman started his career in 2003 with a local company Tiger IT. He joined...

Remote Working

How to Ace Your Next Tech Job Interview

Airwrk organized a webinar on “How to Ace Your Next Tech Job Interview”. Leonika Hannan...

Remote Working

Crafting the perfect resume to land your dream tech job in 2022

A resume is a short and concise document that contains all the information about your...


Argentinian couple moves to Bangladesh to work remotely via Airwrk

Once upon a time, in the beautiful country of Argentina, a couple named Maria and...

Remote Working

How to build a remote career

Remote job is a fairly new idea; even a few decades ago, building a remote...

Remote Working

Overemployment – The latest trend in remote working

With the upcoming recession, economic downturn, unemployment, and post covid-19 health implications knocking at our...

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