Talent knows no boundaries

In a world that’s becoming increasingly remote, lines and borders have dissolved. It doesn’t matter where talent is coming from as long as it’s good talent. Airwrk is building the future of work where talent knows no boundaries.

How it started

As COVID-19 raged on and unable to sustain further, Sayem pulled the trigger and decided to lay off a vast majority of his team in his previous company. This was a team built and nurtured by him for over 5 years. That’s when Sayem decided to build something that gives people jobs, not takes it away.

Coincidentally, when Sayem met Rashed, both of them realized that they share the same passion to build a utopian world where access to opportunity is universal. As they dived deeper, both of them realized that this was not a local but an acute global problem. With encouragement from their local startup ecosystem, the duo are now taking on the challenge to build the bridge that’ll connect employers to one of the largest untapped talent pools in South Asia.

Meet Our Team

Sayem Faruk

Founder & CEO

Rashedul Kabir

Co-founder & CTO

M M Islam Hridoy

Product Manager

Nafisa Tasneem

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Saifullah Chowdhury

Frontend Engineer

Rafidul Islam

Backend Engineer

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